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Your skin is worth protecting

As you age the elasticity and firmness in your skin declines; muscle expression,
 UV sunlight and environmental exposure cause lines and permanent wrinkles to form.
 With the correct treatments it is possible to minimise the effects ageing on the skin.

Using Botulinum Toxin

Soften lines on the upper face and take years away. Excellent for forehead, frown and crows feet wrinkles. For chin, down turned mouth and bunny lines too. Botox can help relieve Migraines. Test your look
Natural volume replacement

Eliminate stuborn lines or folds in skin. Give definition to lips. Replace cheek volume,  remove jowls and dark eye circles. Improve the nose and mouth areas. For skin boosting too.

Smooth and rejuvenate skin

Micro-needling stimulates skin renewal triggering Collagen Induction Therapy.
New Collagen forms to rejuvenate and tighten skin. Leaving skin younger,
 firmer and smoother.

Prevents underarm sweating
 Wear bright coloured clothes and stop worrying about shirt stains at work - and indeed when out at play. Injections of botulinum toxin stops excess sweating.


Feel confident wearing skirts again, stop leg veins from changing your wardrobe. Dr Hemming is can remove thread veins from the legs with tiny vein injections.
Refresh and tighten skin

Rejuvenate skin with a skin peel.  Treat fine lines and sun damaged skin as well as rosacea & acne.  Improve tone, texture and brighten your skin.

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Find skin products to suit your skin and any problem areas from our prescription 
only systems and top quality skin care treatments.

Have a consultation to discuss the products you should use on your skin and any treatments 
that may be of help to minimise the effects of ageing.

With a personal skincare plan you skin will fresher younger and brighter than ever before.

Prepare your skin for treatment and continue to use high quality skin care products.

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